Automated machines

Under the surface of it all, there hides a whole microcosm which we look after. If there's a red light flashing or the customer is asked a question via the display, whenever the customer operates the screen, we're there in the background making sure everything's working as it should. Notifications, monitoring and much, much more.

Our area of expertise is automated machines which are operated by end-users. Be they locker systems or ticket machines in public transit systems. New directions with intelligent machines and innovative, intuitive interfaces. For the end-user an easy-to-use display with the perfect technology hidden from view. We provide the know-how for the perfect interface with optimum programming. For every real-life application. We develop both the software for the interfaces and the control logic for the hardware. We connect local automated machines with server solutions which take care of central management tasks and can be custom-fitted into existing system environments.

We provide the solutions to complex requirements with objectivity and pragmatism in mind. And always with an eye on both your queries and the needs of your customers. We think in tandem. We think outside the box.

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