Start your webtests with Selenium2, Maven, TestNG – now

Every time you are playing around with web tests you think: why have I waited so long. Doesn’t matter, you have done it and that’s it what matters. The last time I used Selenium 1 which is very often used for web tests. Selenium 1 is great, but has a few limitations. It is based…
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HTML fullscreen apps for the iPad

As developing a product for a tablet computer, the iPad appears. Because it was matching perfectly for our requirements we were trying to get the existing browser application as close to a native iPad app as possible. I want to share my research of special and nearly unknown parameters in HTML and CSS in a…
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Grails plugin for database migration released

The grails framework is known for the productivity it offers for developing web applications based on groovy, java and releated technologies. The database, its consistency and the evolution of the database schema is important for most projects. The grails framework offers an easy way to extend its functionality with grails plugins. A lot of them…
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