24 H Supermarket

DelyMate means supermarkets stay open round the clock.

Purchasing groceries and everyday goods using diverse web shops is becoming more and more popular. Quite understandable as after having worked all day, people don't necessarily want to spend their evenings doing their grocery shopping and then standing in line at the cash register. What's more, fresh produce like fruit, vegetables and pastries might all be sold out, it being so close to closing time. Following this and similar trends, the needs and requirements for efficient logistics solutions are increasing just as much as the rising volume of shipments that has to be handled. Furthermore, there is a lack in mature solutions to deliver and preserve refrigerated food products.

With DelyMate, this stress-filled shopping just before closing is finally a thing of the past. In future, customers will be able to choose from the entire range of goods and then collect their purchases when they have time, regardless of how long the shops stay open.

For supermarkets, this addition to their service offer is a great way to increase customer loyalty in the long run and acquire new target groups as well. Very busy employees benefit from this extra service as do executives and seniors who depend on assistance with their purchases. They can all place their orders during the day and collect their items (or have them collected) outside opening hours if so required. With DelyMate, we offer consumers the opportunity to receive their purchases at home as well as collect them (or have them collected) from a central location that is convenient to them.

Customers have all the time in the world to view the range of goods online and make up their own shopping basket. The chosen goods can then be ordered online, or by phone, should advice be needed or if calling your trusted retailer is preferred. When ordering, the customer states when they wish to collect their goods and from which DelyMate they wish to do this. As user of a DelyMate "Home" you can also order your delivery to be received at home.

The desired items are then gathered by the supermarket. The customer receives his six-digit pickup code via email, text message or the DelyMate web app, as soon as a member of the supermarket's staff placed the order into the desired DelyMate. This ensures that the goods are not stored any longer than necessary and that the order quickly reaches the recipient.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Improved customer service without additional staff costs
  • Competitive advantage over rivals
  • Easy and flexible use for both customers and providers
  • 24-hour access
  • Secure payment options

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