Extended Shop Counter

DelyMate extends the shop counter.

Until now, the options were limited for those who wished to take their time when running errands or looking to buy something new to wear: quickly during lunch break, rushing through the shops after finishing time or tumbling into the Saturday stampede at the weekend when shops are full and the lines at the changing rooms and cash registers seem endless.

Here, companies can offer their customers an innovative extra service, even after the shops have closed. In doing so, they can increase turnover without any extra staff or much extra effort. With the help of DelyMate, department stores, boutiques and other retailers can extend their opening hours, practically allowing their customers to shop around the clock.

Customers order their goods over the Internet and the shop deposits the desired item into a nearby DelyMate on the same day or delivers to the DelyMate at the customer's home. Using the pickup code sent by text message or email, customers can then collect their orders whenever it suits, regardless of whether or not the shop is still open. This way, customer orders can be processed and executed more expediently than would be possible via online mail order - and of course, DelyMate requires zero postal charges.

This opportunity is particularly important to smaller retailers who can use DelyMate to provide more services to their customers, too. Often, due to staffing reasons, it is more difficult for smaller retailers to keep opening hours as late as those of larger department stores, thus making it necessary for them to find other ways to attract and keep new customers. DelyMate is an excellent opportunity for this as retailers can now combine the personal flair of their shops with service options that, until now, only larger stores were able to provide.

That said, large department stores and fashion outlets too are always on the lookout for ways to have an advantage over the competition. Those who use DelyMate for their customers can stay that decisive step ahead of the competition when it comes to customer-friendliness by offering extended opening hours.

And it could not be simpler: with a personal, permanently valid delivery code, the shop opens a box in DelyMate suitable for the corresponding item. The machine's sensors detect when the box is closed and the customer automatically receives a pickup code via email or text message to reopen the corresponding box containing his purchase.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Access to orders round the clock
  • Suitable for retailers and larger stores
  • Competitive advantage without high costs or great effort
  • Simple ordering and payment
  • Straightforward use for both customers and providers

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