Intelligent Locker

DelyMate is more than just a locker.

Nowadays, customers have more and more shopping centres and high streets where they can enjoy extended shopping sprees. But the fun is over when those bags, full of new acquisitions, start weighing down.

DelyMate is the solution! Registered users of DelyMate can create a delivery code in the web app and use it themselves to open a box where they can store their purchases quick and easy. After closing the box, the user directly receives the corresponding pickup code via email, text message or in the web app. Hands are now free to rummage around in other shops and whenever the customer wants, he or she can reopen the box and deposit additional shopping bags in the DelyMate until it is time to go home.

This way, operators of shopping centres, outlet malls and retailer groups in town and city centres can offer their visitors a hassle-free and relaxed shopping experience. In doing so, they gain an advantage over other locations which is not to be underestimated.

Even more options…

… for retailers:

Sometimes, customers order a particular item in a different colour or size. By using DelyMate, these customers can save having to go to the shop twice. The desired item can simply be deposited there and the customer can pick it up whenever it suits. For example, if a customer is looking in one branch for a specific item which is only available in a different branch, no problem! Retailers can drop the item for their customer into a nearby DelyMate, making the purchase possible after all.

… as advertising space:

It's not just the inside of the DelyMate which offers a multitude of opportunities, so too does the "boxx" itself as an advertising space. Retailers, companies and shopping centre operators can give the DelyMate an unmistakable appearance with their own branding and even the display can be used to announce special offers and deals. When customers come to collect their items, they will see information which may be of interest to them as it relates to their previous purchases. There is simply no better way to reach customers more directly than with this tailor-made advertising.

… for tourism:

For tourists the DelyMate is a practical alternative to the usual options of baggage storage. As such, it makes stopovers much more pleasant and stress-free for the visitor, giving them the time they need to explore the city. All they have to do is register, enter the code provided and their luggage can be stowed safely for a particular period.

… for private purposes:

The DelyMate also has a wide range of private uses. You need to give someone the key to your apartment, but can't do it in person? Simply deposit it in a DelyMate, give the pickup code to the collector and they can now go and collect the key. It does not get any more straightforward.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Better customer service
  • Competitive advantage over rivals
  • Easy and flexible use for both customers and providers
  • 24-hour access

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