Spare Parts Logistics with DelyMate

DelyMate stores spare parts where needed.

The following can happen quite regularly to small operations of mechanics and technicians: they are called out to a customer to carry out repairs, but the necessary spare part is missing - this can be irritating and, most importantly, it does not satisfy the customer. Nowadays, it is virtually impossible for any handyman to afford driving around with an entire truckload of spare parts all the time, which is why a new solution is needed.

Our DelyMate takes the place of the spare parts warehouse in this kind of scenario and can be customized to meet the requirements of the handyman's business. DelyMate can be set up in strategically convenient locations, for example, in industrial estates, and the most important spare parts can be deposited into it. Unnecessary trips back to the head office become just as superfluous as long waiting periods for customers.

So if a handyman should require a specific spare part, he can simply call the head office while on the road to find out the nearest location and then quickly and easily pick up the corresponding part.

Employees can receive the necessary pickup code either via text message or email. The company is always fully aware of the up-to-date content of the DelyMate and can re-order parts in good time. Of course, it is not just spare parts which can be deposited into the DelyMate, so too can important documents or keys, which can then be collected whenever it suits.

DelyMate helps companies to work more efficiently and in a more customer-friendly way. This service bonus will distinguish smaller businesses from their rivals, while the quicker processing of the job means that there is more time to accept additional customer orders. Always a factor to be reckoned with when it comes to a company's sustainability.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Shorter repair times for customers
  • Logistical efficiency
  • Simple and flexible usage
  • Quicker overview of stock
  • Secure storage

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