Bike Parking Solutions

SammelschließanlageBicycles are essential for mobility in environmentally sustainable smart cities. As affordable and clean means of transportation, their use reduces problems associated with other individual transportation options and can be easily combined with public transport.

Focused on smart technological solutions, Viaboxx offers a flexible and complete bike parking system that brings advantages to cities, individual providers, and cyclists:

Benefits for cities and communities

  • Integration of various hardware formats and designs
  • Interfaces for integrating public transport applications
  • Efficiency in the reservation and occupation of parking spaces
  • Easy integration of existing authentification models, such as eTicket cards issued by public transport
  • Solutions including system customization, control, and operation
  • Cooperation with specialized hardware suppliers, for example BIK TEC
  • and more

Benefits for individual providers

  • Concept and implementation support
  • System and network administration
  • Customer registration included and extensible
  • Integrated payment and customer service options
  • Flexible tariff models
  • Added value for your end-user
  • and more

Benefits for customers

  • Safe alternative for bike parking
  • Easy and convenient booking, paying, and parking options
  • User-friendly interface
  • and more

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